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About Max Process Equipment

The management, engineers and fabricators of Max Process Equipment have worked closely with many leading companies in the polyurethane industry to solve problems encountered in production of the most challenging product applications. As a result of the willingness to take on these challenges, the company has developed a portfolio of equipment options that provide customers with a strong competitive advantage achieved through exceptionally high yields; 24-7 process capability; and predictable, consistent and repeatable process results.

Today we serve companies with a wide range of product applications across many markets. Our typical customers are leaders in their product space, progressive in their thinking and expert material processors.

Leading custom molders who utilize Max Process Equipment benefit from efficient high-yielding processes that give them a cost advantage over their competition. Technical product companies benefit from highly predictable physical properties and product performance. Engineering-driven companies benefit from process precision and the availability of onboard diagnostic information. Specialty material companies are utilizing Max Equipment as reference standard material blending and processing systems and in some cases as custom self-contained chemical reactors.

Why Buy a Max Processor?

Not everyone needs the sophistication of our equipment. However, everyone with any significant level of production will benefit from utilizing one. If your production requirements are greater than can be accomplished with hand-batching or your end product requires precision process control in order to achieve the required performance, then you will benefit from the use of Max Process Equipment. If you do utilize our equipment you will experience high yields; high uptime; day-in, day-out product consistency; high homogeneity; production flexibility; void free casting; and a very long service life.

As an example, in 2012 we were asked to supply two new processors to replace older units that were manufactured in the early 1970s. These processors were in regular daily production for the past 40 years. In the end, it was the inability to source obsolete electronic components used in the 1970’s vintage control systems, coupled with advantageous new process capabilities, that drove the customers to replace these old units.

Our History

Max Machinery, Inc. (MMI) was founded by John Max in 1967 and established in Healdsburg, California, in 1972. From its inception MMI was focused on the development of equipment solutions for the emerging hot cast elastomer industry. After many years, two separate business units emerged: one building polyurethane process equipment and the other producing precision flow meters that were originally developed to precisely meter polyurethane materials. In 2008, MMI was divided into two separate companies: Max Machinery, Inc. and Max Process Equipment, LLC. The division allowed Max Process Equipment to focus on premier equipment solutions for the hot cast polyurethane market. Max Machinery, Inc. continues to manufacture precision flow meters used in a wide range of applications, including equipment manufactured by MPE.

Fueled initially by the creativity of John Max, Max Machinery established a position of technical leadership in the production of material conditioning, mixing and metering equipment supplied to the hot cast polyurethane industry. This leadership position has been maintained through continuous refinement of process technology, ongoing evolution of hardware design and through the application of leading-edge process control technology.