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Performance Higher performance = Lower cost of ownership

  • Consistent High Yields
  • Low Material Loss
  • Higher Uptime
  • Fill on the fly
  • Process Stability
  • Process Readiness
  • Production Flexibility
  • Long Equipment Life

Consistent High Yields

Yield Loss is not just numbers

The most important benefit you enjoy when using a Max processor is consistently high production yields. This is a result of the many refined subsystem working together to provide precise, repeatable and effective delivery of the reactive material blends to your downstream process. No other equipment available in the world today can match the day-in day-out production yields achieved from a Max processing system.

In a research and development environment this repeatability assures that you are testing the properties of the materials being evaluated without the effect of daily variations of the process.

Failure is not an option

When transitioning from R&D to production you can be assured of a seamless transfer based on inherent material properties, not by uncontrolled variations of the casting process due to scale or changes in equipment design.

Low Material Loss

Recent advancements in our equipment designs have resulted in significantly improved material utilization. For many years Max equipment users have benefited from a very efficient start-up and calibration process. Now we are designing for reduced dead space, shorter line lengths and reduced wetted area. By doing so we have greatly reduced the material costs associated with short production runs that, in turn, allow for reduced minimum economically viable order quantities.

Higher Uptime

Standby to production in minutes

Four hours per month preventative maintenance

Additional capacity is opportunity

We have long considered 24/7 operation a basic requirement of our equipment offering. Our customers tell us that this is a key advantage of Max equipment and a key cost benefit. More effective uptime results in greater output from a production line. This is aided by our intuitive and efficient control system, which has made switching over from one product recipe to the next almost effortless and instantaneous.

Fill on the fly

Making Continuous Runs Possible

With the highly efficient degassing system coupled with heated material fill and effective in-tank agitation we are able to provide the capability of filling from the material drum or tote directly into the process tank without interrupting casting that is in process. While not suitable for all materials and processes, the vast majority can be run continuously without interruption using this process.

Utilizing fill-on-the-fly increases uptime and overall process efficiency while reducing equipment cost by reducing tank size.

Process Stability

Max processors will provide hour after hour of stable production without the need to recalibrate or adjust the process. This coupled with fill-on-the-fly capability makes continuous production of critical products a reality even when that production stretches over many tank volumes or days of production.

  • In production of hot cast components, this results in consistent and predictable physical properties; from the start to the finish of a process run, day after day, year after year.
  • In high-wear applications you will benefit from long and predictable product life.
  • In technical products you will see consistent performance in all critical attributes.
  • In ribbon coating this yields highly consistent application of the ribbon hour after hour without voids, flow variations, viscosity fluctuations, or any type of process interruption.
  • In TPU production you will benefit from consistent and predictable molecular weight distribution and chain length. The end user will benefit from consistent and predictable thermal processing characteristics.

Process Readiness

The combination of rapid material preconditioning and thermal stabilization means you are ready for production in an incredibly short period of time. Even when starting from an overnight standby condition with a solid curative the process is typically ready to run in less than an hour.

Long Onboard Life

Our gentle heating process and absence of hot spots prevents cooking of material while in the processor, resulting in a long onboard material life.

Production Flexibility

The combination of high pumping turndown ratios, wide viscosity range, rapid material changeover, low material waste, intuitive and programmable process controls, a seamless automation interface and many other features make your Max processor extremely flexible and efficient in production.

Long Equipment Life

Our first casting machines went into service in 1974. Several of the machines sold in those first couple of years are still in production. Our philosophy has always been to build for maximum performance, durability and serviceability. You can expect a minimum of 20 years of steady, efficient and reliable production when you invest in your business’ future with a Max processor.

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