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Technical Services

Max prides itself on prompt technical support regardless of your global location. Our technical team is just a phone call away and can be at your facility on short notice if needed. More importantly, we now have the ability to log onto Max process equipment via the Internet and monitor your machine and process remotely. This feature has become a huge time saver for our customers and an important diagnostic tool for us. By monitoring your equipment in real time, we are usually able to localize causes of any abnormal operation and, working together with your process technician, we can quickly identify the root cause of any problems you are experiencing.

In addition to the ability to connect directly to the equipment globally, Max processors incorporate a data acquisition system and data logging function as part of our standard software package. This software monitors and logs the output data of all machine sensors and numerous “critical to process” parameters. Coupled with our customizable charting function this provides real-time trending information presented in an easy-to-read format. The data logs are maintained for up to one year and can be downloaded to an external data file for long-term storage and analysis. At customer request we can also customize this data logging function to log and chart information known to be important to a customer’s production process or in order to support SPC processes.

The onboard data files can also be remotely accessed by our tech service team to aid remote diagnostic analysis.

Machine Upgrade and Modification

Your needs evolve with time. A significant portion of our business is the modification of existing equipment; either to update to modern control systems and specifications, or to add new process capability.

Modern control systems are much more powerful and adaptable than the purpose-built analog control of the past. If a machine has been well maintained, adding computer controls to an older analog machine will give it a new lease on life. While not the equivalent of a new machine populated with our latest technology, the addition of modern controls addresses an issue of electronic component obsolescence and additionally upgrades all motors and sensors. An added benefit is that the machine is then capable of supporting on-line diagnostic analysis.

Adding new process capability often takes the form of adding new material streams: including material tanks, circulation loops and mix manifolds. Other common modifications are changes to machine output, optimizing the machine for new chemical formulations, or adding new machine functionality such as heating systems or chiller systems.

Software Customization

With the transition to digital process control we have the opportunity to customize control features, data acquisition and display features of our equipment. Increasingly we are being asked to write new application-specific software to add functionality that is unique to a customer’s casting processes.

In many cases this customization is related to the interface with process automation such as robotic mold handling or automated downstream processes. Increasingly, the Max processor is an integrated part of a fully automated manufacturing cell. This manufacturing cell is typically controlled by the Max processor’s control system that acts as the main controller of the entire manufacturing cell.

Process Development Services

When needed, we have the ability to process small preproduction quantities of your materials or produce product prototypes in support of your development process. This is typically carried out for a fee on a time and materials basis. This process is often used to confirm that the material chemistry is yielding the desired properties and that the machine requirements are well understood in advance of a purchase.