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Technology MPE technology and processor system design lead the industry.

  • High speed intensive mixing
  • Closed loop material ratio control
  • Precise temperature control
  • Wide turndown ratios
  • Superior material pre-conditioning and degassing
  • Bubble-free delivery

High speed intensive mixing

  • High RPM dynamic mixing provides:
    • High-intensity mixing in a small reactive blend volume
    • Highly dispersive blending
    • Gentle shear input
  • Effective mixing of materials with dissimilar viscosities
  • Precise temperature control
  • Optimizes reaction rate
  • Standard or custom mix chamber design
  • Wide-range throughput capability
  • Modular injector design enables many input ports
  • Backflow prevention design to eliminate cross contamination
  • Easy disassembly and clean-up

Closed loop material ratio control

  • Provides optimum and consistent end product physical properties
  • Precision flow meter controlled material delivery
  • Instant on-ratio
    • Diverter valve design eliminates off-ratio ramp-up
    • Long life, high-speed valve design
  • With proper calibration, blend ratio typically controlled to <0.05%
  • Fast, efficient calibration process with low material waste
  • High turn-down ratios allowing superior process flexibility

Precise temperature control

  • Industry’s safest heating design
    • Constant temperature liquid heat design
    • No hot spots
    • No runaway catastrophic failure
  • Custom liquid heat traced material lines and connection designs for optimal temperature control
  • Proportionally controlled thermal input for multi-zone control
  • High temperature, high melt point capability, minimized cold spots (critical for MOCA processing)

Wide turndown ratios

  • Pump and flow meter designs tailored for wide turndown ratios
  • Typically 10:1 or better delivery range
  • Industry’s widest viscosity range
  • Precision, low flow rate capability
  • Wide-ranging ratio control

Superior material pre-conditioning
and degassing

  • High turnover blending and agitation system
  • Rapid material temperature control
    • Heated process tanks and recirculation lines
    • From cold fill to thermal stability in minutes
    • Heated material fill lines
    • Optional heated fill system to transfer materials onboard at process temperature
      • Aids “fill-on-the-fly” efficiency
  • Industry’s best multi-stage degassing system
  • Single pass degassing capability at fill port
    • “Fill-on-the-fly” degassing for continuous 24/7 processing
  • High-vacuum volatile extraction
  • Industry’s safest and most effective integrated vapor trap
  • Fully contained liquid fill systems
  • Fully contained pellet transfer/melt systems

Bubble-free delivery

  • Industry’s most effective void (bubble) elimination
  • Result of several sub-systems working together:
    • Highly effective degassing
    • Vacuum transfer material loading
    • Low pressure pumping
    • Deliver and process materials while under vacuum
    • Air-purging component designs